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Rhenus understands the particulars of international shipping throughout the Southeast Asia region. With demand higher than ever, Cross-Border Trucking is rapidly becoming a better alternative for transporting cargo across the region. Often referred to as the “golden mean”, Cross-Border Trucking provides a service faster than Ocean Freight and cheaper than Air Freight.  It can also be the fastest and most cost-efficient solution for certain trade lanes.

Rhenus’ Cross-Border trucking services are available in 8 neighboring countries in Southeast Asia utilizing a comprehensive network of 34 offices and 13 warehouses across the APAC region. In South Asia, the same state-of-the-art services are available from India to the SAARC nations of Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. This allows us to offer the fastest, safest and most cost-efficient transport solution, leveraging our multi modal portfolio of Air, Ocean & Road freight. Covering the entire supply chain with our experienced cargo operators Rhenus is ready to handle varying requirements such as dangerous goods, oversized, high-value cargo, and other sensitive products.


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Rhenus Cross Border Trucking Overview


Bridging your cargo from point A to point B is our business. We provide world class services and guarantee that your products reach their destination in a cost-efficient way, on time and in an undamaged state.


If a shipment fills all the truck space, we are talking about Full Load or Full Truck Load (FTL).  We reserve a complete truck for your cargo using the most direct and economic option to transport goods from the loading point to the final destination or point of use – regardless of the type of product, weight, particular demand or the distance.

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Part loads or Less Than Truckloads (LTL) are shipments transported in a quantity that only takes up part of the container. For LTL, Rhenus provides a dedicated truck, but your goods are consolidated, meaning you share the transport with other consignees to have a more cost-effective solution. Combining shipments and sharing a truck also reduces your environmental impact across the supply chain.

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Freight consolidation is for smaller shipment volumes to be consolidated at a Rhenus Cross-Docking hub and combined in bigger trucks for longer distances. At the destination hub, shipments are broken down again and from there, we arrange the delivery to the final destination, maximising utilisation and efficiency.  

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Multimodal Transport is the movement of cargo featuring at least two different modes, leveraging our Air, Ocean, Road & Rail Freight capabilities. We plan transport chains in such a way that the relevant strengths of individual modes of transport are used to the best possible degree along the individual sections of the route, creating the most suitable solution for you and your business.

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We don’t just have transport experts; we have specialists in many different industries, verticals and other areas, too. In addition to organising transports by land, sea and air, our customers benefit from numerous other services that optimise and add value to their supply chains.


We have multiple smart features that ensure the safety, smooth transport, and security of your shipments.  Lashing belts as standard, and if required, airbags are used for cargoes to accommodate any sudden movement. Trailers with air suspension and equipped with smart locks to prevent outside unauthorised access, GPS and CCTVs capturing and monitoring the shipment’s journey from pick through to delivery (on request).  Perfect for sensitive and high value cargo solutions.

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We manage the process of customs clearance to make sure that deliveries are smooth and on time with the capability and expertise to handle specialised formalities in the various countries in Asia.

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The volatile nature of dangerous goods means their transport is strictly regulated. Proper documentation and following exact procedures and protocols are necessary not only to prevent damage to the cargo but also to prevent any threat to human life and the environment.

We train our staff to be knowledgeable in the handling and processing of dangerous goods with different classifications, guidelines on how to pack, and the environment shipments should be kept in.  We stay constantly up to date with regulatory compliance rules and work closely with various local government departments to ensure the safety and timeliness of your delivery.

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Our services are tailored to your transportation needs giving peace of mind for your valuable goods. With Rhenus Transport Insurance, you can focus on your daily business operations and be assured that shipments are covered from all types of risks.

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As part of our ISO commitment, protecting the environment is one of our core responsibilities, we insist on using efficient processes, the shortest routes possible and handling resources carefully in all business areas. This enables us to lower costs, satisfy customer requirements and contribute to a better environment for all of us.
Our greenhouse gas emissions calculator
allows customers to measure their energy consumptions and freight emissions per truck. The tool provides several metrics to measure the impact on the environment that each truck is causing. This would help customers to take sustainable management decisions and apply corrective measures.

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Get full visibility and monitoring with our IT solutions. We employ state of the art software and programs that make it easier for you to track the progress of your shipments anytime and anywhere.


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